Magical Bars Session with Varron
After a much awaited time, I finally had the opportunity of getting my bars run from Varron . Varron is nothing but pure magic, he is calm, composed, speaks directly from his heart, hence making one believe the magic of him being an access bars practioner. Right from the first minute, it looked as if he knows me since ages , clearing deep rooted stuff, asking the most apt questions, helping me open up. I had no idea why i had tears rolling down through half of the session, but it felt as if a tonne has been lifted off my heart . It has been three days, but I'm still in a different zone, becoming more aware of my surroundings. So much kachra he was able to pod poc. I thank Varron earnestly for taking out the time and running my bars despite his hectic schedule. Each one who is able to visit office and get an appointment with him must get their bars run , Magic will start to begin in your life
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