Vayu Kapoor Ahuja,

Numerology of this name is simple amazing, is what any numerologist would have claimed, but not many know that it’s the calculation of the birth date , it’s the effect of the child and growth that matters the most. Names and their connection to a child’s growth is equally important as much as an adult seeking fame or stability. Vayu,by itself as the first name, is numerologically strong and will surely aid in his learning and development. As much as People born on 20, are benevolent , calm and moody, this name perfectly balances out the emotional nature of the child Vayu, as per mythology, also means Father of Lord Hanuman. The personality of Vayu as he grows will be very magnetic, charming and calming.. he will have a special bond with his mother and will always be sensitive for his mother, Sonam Kapoor. Vayu, no wonder is the breath of fresh air in Sonam and Ahuja Kapoors life. WRITTEN BY JANKIE JK THAKAR