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Sheelaa M Bajaj

Sheelaa M Bajaj is a renowned Numerologist and tarot card reader with excellent skills in Life coaching, Feng shui, Baby names, and Business name. She is also a certified facilitator and teaches many master-level courses in multiple Sciences.

Sheelaa M Bajaj is an expert in increasing luck factors in one’s life and making them more successful with fewer difficulties. Sheelaa M Bajaj uses various methods to achieve this in a customized manner for each person, business, marriage, finances or career.


Based on the wisdom of the Zen Tarot the art of Tarot reading answers your queries and helps you better understand your problems and find a viable solution. The root cause of a problem is evaluated and a remedy is then prescribed to the seeker.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help us get answers to the many questions life brings up. It helps us get directly to the many crossroads we encounter in life. Every choice we make leads us to a different outcome. We don’t realize the impact of a wrong decision. 80% of life is Destiny, but there is a powerful 20% that is free will and one can use that wisely to get desired outcomes in their life.

It is said that when a person picks up cards while thinking of the questions or issues in his mind, his energy gets reflected in the cards selected, bringing out with stark accuracy, his state of mind and the issues surrounding him. The cards also can guide the person and tell him how his decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation etc.

A tarot card reading can help reveal the innermost thoughts or feelings a person might be going through at that time and can help a person in making changes or decisions related to his career, health, and relationships.

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Jankie - Tarot Reader


Believe in the magic that you have always strived for and you got to believe in the signs and path the divine being is showing you. There will a plan made for the travel and exploring a new place which will give you a lot of perspectives on your life.

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As a child, Pranjall was intrigued by Science as a subject and was amused by how it instilled the meaning in life and the world around her. Continuing her faith and love for science, she took up Biotechnology and further pursued her Management degree in Pharmaceutical.

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She is a gifted healer, intuitive, psychic tarot card reader trained and mentored by Sheelaa M Bajaj. In a very short time have leapfrogged into the core team because of her extraordinary psychic abilities matched with a deep understanding of tarot reading.

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Riyah - Tarot Reader


Tarot Reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation, and perception. The real power of the tarot is that it can help you to live your psyche, your soul, with more creativity, more awareness, more imagination, more clarity,  and more joy.

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How Tarot Cards Can Help You Really!

What Are Tarot Cards?

Made up of no less than seventy-eight cards, each deck of Tarot cards is all the same. Tarot cards come in all sizes with all types of artwork on both the front and back some even make their own Tarot cards. The meaning and the message of each one of those seventy-eight cards, however, always remains the same.
Tarot cards were first used by the Celtic people more than two thousand years ago. Many believe that Tarot cards serve only to tell the future, but this is not true. When used traditionally, Tarot cards speak of the past and present and are supposed to give clues and ideas about the future that you are potentially heading into.

Whats In the Cards?

Tarot cards are made up of four suits much like any regular deck of cards. In fact, Tarot cards have all the same values as traditional playing cards: ace through king for each suit. Only one extra card is added to the royal family in Tarot cards the squire, his position is just under that of the knave (also known as the jack).
The suits are as follows: wands, which in general speak of esoteric issues such as spirituality or creativity; swords, which speak of conflicts and tensions; cups (or pentacles), which are always about money; and cups, which deal in relationship matters and love. The other twenty-two cards of the standard Tarot deck are called the Major Arcana cards and are all very specific. Cards such as the Devil, the Tower, and Death are in the Major Arcana.

An Ancient Mystery

Tarot cards are more ancient than religion. Tarot cards are older than most languages and most writing, and yet they are still around and are still being used today the exact same way they have used thousands of years ago. If Tarot cards didn’t help people, why would they still be used and still be so popular?

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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are used as a tool for psychics to link in with spirits and guides to offer guidance that may relate to past, present and occasionally, the future.

Tarot cards can be laid out in various ways and any number of cards drawn. Some psychics may even use a combination of 2-3 tarot decks. Ultimately, the messages and guidance offered will be of meaning and of truth, and essentially, a message that needs to be given to the recipient.

All tarot cards come with meanings and some people may only use this way of giving readings. Some psychics, however, will throw away the books accompanying the tarot cards, and use only links with spirit to give messages. These psychics/mediums use only information that is received on a truly spiritual link and are not practiced in fictional fortune-telling methods. The duration of tarot psychic readings given will vary.

How ever long or short the readings may be the messages given will be honest and give meaning and validation to the recipient.

Most authentic psychics will not elaborate or exaggerate any information to lengthen readings. When tools such as tarot are used, they are read using mediumistic and spiritual direction (intuition). This means that cards will be read on an individual basis for each person. For example, a person may choose three cards from the deck. E.g. Three of Swords, The Tower, The Priestess.

The psychic/medium will give their messages and guidance to this person. A second person can shuffle this same deck of tarot cards, and pull out these same three cards. The messages given to this person will be different and have different validations.

There are many objects (tools) used by a medium or psychic to enable their connections to manifest in the same way as tarot. Some of these include crystals, crystal balls, color, rune stones, angel cards, palmistry, psychometry, etc.

To define your best method is to sit in a development circle or participate in a few specified workshops to find your niche and develop such skills with a reputable teaching medium.

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