Terms of Service

  • The Consulta-on is -me based and the charges will be based on the -me consumed

  • No prior details or the query or problem can be shared with the tarot reader. The consult -me will start as we begin to talk and includes both the par-es talking.

  • In a Tarot consult it depends on the energy of the client and divine guidance depends a lot on the faith that you have in it.

  • The forma-on or remedies in the consulta-on are based on valua-on of date of birth, current energies, astrological influence and choices made. We do not guarantee any results based on the name correc?on.

  • The mode of communica-on can be audio/video, in either of the case the readings are accurate.

  • No details are disclosed about how the reading is done or what deck of cards are used during the


  • No Guarantee or Assurance can be given of results. Recommenda-ons are made on your current energy and guidance in that moment.

  • There is no limit to number of ques-ons to be asked in a specific reading, although the quality of reading may vary as per the -me consumed during the reading

  • Different types of readings are done by the tarot reader and the charges will differ based on your loca-on and type of reading you prefer

  • No recording of the conversa-on is allowed and consented for, please do not try and record the call.

  • If there is any ques-on or details related to Black magic, it will be considered as an intensive reading & charges may vary

  • No Guarantees are given on Stones, Feng Shui products and Amulets.

  • No Guarantees are given on remedies or products bought at the store.

  • No Guarantees on efficacy of Rituals or Prayers.

  • Results vary from person to person. No refunds are given whatsoever.

    I agree that the Name correc-on/Consulta-on is done at my own free will and not out of any external pressure.