Chakra Healing

3,500 15 minutes

Chakra healing is the cleansing, balancing and energising of the spiritual skeletal of the energy body. The more
balanced and energised your chakras are, the more powerful if your aura and hence everything that you function with happens with ease.

We have 7 chakras in our body which governs a specific and crucial aspect that it caters to, it also happens that at times our physical ailments and problems are due clogged and imbalanced chakras.

As we grapple with life and it’s different ups and downs, so does our chakras which happen to be getting
muddy and dirty.
Chakra healing session done for 20-25 mins at The Rising Phoenix not only allows the persons chakra to be balanced but ultimately help them reach state of peaceful mind, body and soul.

How would I know if my chakras are blocked and need healing?

Well, to answer that in simple terms, every energy body who has been going through a struggle or has gone through struggle emotionally , physically, mentally and financially would need the chakra healing.

There are specific healing techniques the healer will apply for a specific problem or ailment you might be going through.

How can you book the session?

Select the healer of your preference, pick a date and time, Complete the booking.

What areas in your life can be healed in Chakra healing ?

Emotional Attributes like anxiety, stress, depression, fear, insecurities etc.
Physical pain or ailment: Menstrual pain, physical injury or pain.

What is the duration of healing?

It varies from 15 mins to 1 hour, one can choose depending on your concern and you can even ask your tarot card reader who recommended the healing

What exactly can I expect from the session?

Every healing will be different experience, at times the one can experience whole of emotional turmoil and
burst out crying since it’s a release of emotion when it’s related to heart chakra, whereas it could be someone
not experiencing anything from it.

The person might also start feeling lighter, calmer and in Zen state of mind since it’s like a rejuvenated state
your chakras get into.

Having only the expectation that all the negative and bad energy is being released from your body is the way
you should approach.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for it?

BMR salt bath / rock salt bath is ideal if you take before the session.
Get yourself a bottle of water to avoid any movement while the healing is done.
Listen to chakra meditation by Sheelaa M Bajaj on youtube while the healing is on the ideal preparation one
can do before the healing

After it’s done, what do I need to do?

Enjoy the free flow of energy, start working towards your goal and just have some sugar or juice as you might
feel dehydrated after the healing.

Is it okay to get the healing done during your periods?

Yes!!! You might in fact have your root chakra and leaky sacral chakra cleansed as it is naturally also in the
intoxicating mode.
It’s imp to let the healer know that you have your periods going on before the chakra healing

Will I get a feedback after the healing session?

We understand your curiosity and mostly the healer will be online giving you feedback while the session is on, I’m sure there will be suggestions given as per the healing as one might need or not need fee products and that will be customised as per the energy.

How many healing sessions do I need?

As many life situations you deal with, you need that many healings. There is no ideal formula and set system
to predict but the expert healer at the Rising Phoenix will guide you about number of sessions you will require
depending on your energy body as they heal.


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