What is Numerology?

Numerology is associated with the science of numbers. All numbers have a unique vibration that attracts planetary energies, some good and some bad.
For instance, your date of birth (DOB) adds up to a specific number and your name adds up to a number as well. The relationship between your DOB and Name number determines the kind of experience you attract in life.

How does Numerology work?

Three aspects are looked at to make sure that you attract the planetary energies that work for you best.

1. Date of Birth: This helps us identify your birth number and life path number. It gives a general overview about your sense of direction and purpose.

2. First Name: This Name is what is used the most and helps in understanding your personal life. If it adds up to a bad number, then you intend to go through repeated patterns and karmic cycles.

3. Full name: This helps in identifying what you are attracting in your professional life. For instance, a bad planet energy will bring in minimum reward, recognition and growth despite putting in a lot of effort.

How does a Numerology expert help you?

A numerology expert will look into your DOB and Name along with issues in your life be it health, reward, recognition, love life and rectify your name to make sure that it attracts yummy energies to facilitate and achieve your goals. With the rectified name, you will be able to create magic in your life and keep negative planetary energies at bay.

Lucky Name Correction – Numerology Report


Give your Passport Name or Name Official Name

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Enter the name of the place of birth.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why choose a lucky name correction service from Sheelaa M Bajaj?
A: If you are unsure on this, you can check your Birth Number (BN) and Life Path Number (LPN), if BN or LPN is ruled by malefic planets as per numerology , name correction is highly recommended. You can also, get a Numerology name analysis from our team to know if you need a Lucky name correction.
Sheelaa M Bajaj and her team will help with a unique methodology, that has created wonders for thousands of clients around the world from top celebrities, business tycoons, professionals and many more.

2.. Should I change my name in official records?
A: You do not need change in official records, only in social media, and other places which we will guide you.

3. Will name correction, give me immediate beneficial effects?
A: The root cause of your problem can come from several areas. Hence the name correction creates a phenomenal change quickly for some and for some the change takes time. They may need more help with other root causes.

4. What is the difference between basic name correction report and detailed name correction report?
A: Basic name correction report consists of corrected lucky name, and remedies. Whereas, detailed Name correction report, in addition to basic report details, significance and explanation of the effects of one's birth number and life path number are shared.

5. Do you reveal the system of numerology and values?
A: This is a name correction service, not a numerology course. Sheelaa M Bajaj, has devised her own methodology through years of experience, divine guidance and actual feedback from clients. Thus we do not reveal the inner workings.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The methodology used to do the Name correction and Name analysis process will not be revealed. This also includes the name number.

2. The information we need from you is requested during the purchase. Please make sure to fill in the details accordingly

3. We try out multiple ways to help your name attract good energies and choose the best for you. Once the report is generated, there is no re-work that will be done.

4. You have a window of 7 days to get your questions clarified with the team. Once these have been clarified within the given time frame, you will be directed to Sheelaa M Bajaj Study Group for general questions.

5. Remedies based on the report are based on the issues you suggest when you fill in the form and also numerology numbers

6. Name Correction Report works only on the name. For some people, it’s a quick update in the name and for some, it needs a lot more. But remember, this is the best that can be done with your name.

7. The root cause of your problem can come from several areas. Hence the name correction creates a phenomenal change for some and for some the change takes time. They may need more help with other root causes.

8. We do not give any guarantee or promises on the name corrections. Results vary from person to person.
There are no refunds whatsoever.

9. In some rare cases, we may need to add a rando middle initial or/and alter the spelling of your last name to balance the numerology of your name with you DOB.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you hereby have read and give full consent to proceed ahead.


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