Soul star healing as the name suggests helps in opening the Soul star Chakra. It is a special form of chakra healing which done by using a specific instrument. The instrument the very gentle but emit very powerful energies.

Soul star healing helps in expanding the psychic awareness. Soul star healing helps in healing deep rooted emotions and imparts positive, happy thoughts. Soul star healing helps in clearing out the unwanted energies from your aura. Soul star not only clears the person's chakras and aura but also clears the energy around the space.

What does the healing feel like?
After Soul Star healing the person feels very rejuvenated, lighter and happier.
The healing includes:
1) Cutting Chords
2) Cleansing of your chakras
3) Energising your chakras
How can you book the session?
Select the healer of your preference, pick a date and time, Complete the booking.
How many healing sessions do I need?
As many life situations you deal with, you need that many healings. There is no ideal formula and set system
to predict but the expert healer at the Rising Phoenix will guide you about number of sessions you will require
depending on your energy body as they heal.
Will I get a feedback after the healing session?
We understand your curiosity and mostly the healer will be online giving you feedback while the session is on,
I’m sure there will be suggestions given as per the healing as one might need or not need fee products and
that will be customised as per the energy.
Do I need to do anything to prepare for it?
1) BMR salt bath / rock salt bath is ideal if you take before the session.
2) Soak your feet in BMR Salt water
3) Get yourself a bottle of water to avoid any movement while the healing is done.
4) Listen to Any meditation by Sheelaa M Bajaj on YouTube while the healing is on the ideal preparation one
can do before the healing
Do I have to be online for the session?
No, it is an offline session. All you need is to send your selfie right before the healing.


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Soul Star Healing

Price Varies for every 15 minutes