Whoever you interact with, leaves energy in your body, to be specific in your chakras. This energy like a string connected between you and other people, is also known as a chord. These chords often drain your energy making your energy body weak. There are 7 chakras that symbolize different energy. For instance, if someone has hurt you, this creates an imbalance in your heart chakra and this is stored in your body. If someone has oppressed you, that gets stored in your throat chakra. If someone tries to manipulate your reality, it goes into the third eye chakra. Gaslighting affects your root chakra. If someone has doubted your potential, it affects your sacral chakra.

What does the healing include?

Cutting chords with people does not mean that your relationship will be over or they will disappear from your
life. The healing is done to clear emotional, toxic and psychic chords that drains your creative and generative

Chords that are cut in this session include:
Past Lovers,Past Relationships, Jealous Relatives, Clients, Friends, Colleagues, Known and Unknown people and People who drain you.

How can you book the session?

Select the healer of your preference, pick a date and time, Complete the booking.

What do you need for the session?
  • Send a list of 10 people’s names with whom you feel bad intent, feel drained thinking about them or even names of people that you have strong emotions with.
  • It is best to send your selfie and list names 10 mins before the session
  • Keep a glass of water by your side and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the session as well
  • This distant healing takes about 15 mins and feedback is given via chat. No Phone calls!
Post session Care

Sometimes chords can be nasty, drain your energy and bring out the yuckiness. You may feel tingling sessions
as well. Post the session, eat something sweet like chocolates or salt like chips. If you feel tired, get some rest.
Please also shower with BMR salt and soap and apply Cutting chords spray on all your chakras. Doing this
regularly along with Cutting chords meditation will help you maintain it.

How will you know if you need another session?

Once the chords are cut, it is best to do your self-care regularly and not revisit those memories or think about
people unnecessarily. This builds chords again! If you feel strong emotions for a person or are constantly
having thoughts related to people or feel really drained, another session is a MUST!!!


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Cutting chords healing

$21 15 minutes