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“Tarot is a divine way to understand source of our conflicts and heal for a better Tomorrow.”


Since childhood, I was intrigued by Science as a subject. I was in awe of how the planets affected our life path and future. I pursued my love for science and took up Biotechnology and further pursued my Management degree in the Pharmaceutical field. My corporate job in the same field felt like a logical choice due to my education. Thus, my life seemed normal from the outside but my soul kept craving for more. I felt a deep sense of not belonging and felt something was amiss. This yearning for a deeper quest in life made me explore different modalities. I stumbled upon a tarot that changed my perspective of life. My search came to an end when I met her mentor, Sheelaa M Bajaj, and got connected with Papa Elegua. With this new exciting opportunity, I delved into learning various practices such as Tarot, Healing, FengShui, and Vaastu. I approach Feng Shui with a modern aged Vaastu. It is a unique system that combines the best of both teachings. My specialty lies in Astrology and it is something I am very passionate about. My healing sessions (Merkaba & Cutting Chords) bring a profound sense of peace and are most recommended to those who need to balance out their emotions. My journey thus far with Sheelaa M Bajaj and Papa Elegua has been nothing short of magical and I believe the best is yet to come.


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