Emotional Healing – Merkaba

Merkaba healing helps in healing deep emotional scars.

Even people who choose this healing will choose it when their subconscious mind and their soul is ready for that level of energy.

Merkaba healing helps in healing deep emotional scars. In Merkaba healing, we take help from Archangel Gabriel to protect against the negative influence. This healing deals with your emotional, physical and mental aspects. Merkaba healing has the power to heal and recalibrate DNA sequences. Within our DNA most of the information from this life as well as others is stored. This can include past traumas, deadly emotions, or stressful situations. These occurrences usually leave a significant emotional scar. Merkaba healing helps to dissolve all negative or unnecessary patterns and also healing emotional wounds. Merkaba healing is efficient in emotionally rebalancing and healing relationships. Merkaba healing is a group healing session. Everyone gets feedback after the healing is done.


Why Merkaba Healing Is Important?

If you are emotionally not in a good state of mind or you are feeling depressed, your entire energy relinquishes. But if you are emotionally elated and if you are in a happy, fun-loving state then you will have positive experiences. So, RISING PHOENIX at UAE will provide you with this positive experience through Merkaba Healing.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For It?

1) BMR salt bath/rock salt bath is ideal if you take it before the session.
2) Soak your feet in BMR Saltwater
3) Get yourself a bottle of water to avoid any movement while the healing is done.
4) Listen to Any meditation by Sheelaa M Bajaj on YouTube while the healing is on the ideal preparation one can do before the emotional healing process.

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