I get a lot of people asking me, iv had this date of birth since i was born, iv had this name till now and i was doing great. How is it that the numerology of it is troubling me now?

There are a lot of factors that influence our life and luck.

There is astrology, vastu, feng shui, your karma, ancestral curses and your personal energy.

A lot of these factors change over a period of time. The planets are going through constant change every month and sometimes every day. A lot of times you’re going through a great planetary phase For a long period of 18 years 16 years or 20 years. During this time even bad Feng Shui bad Vastu or bad numerology can’t affect you since your planets are exalted and it overrides the effect of your earth luck or personal luck.

The problem comes when this period ends and a bad phase starts like a Rahu period Or Ketu period or Saturn. When your exalted planet stop supporting you that’s when the trouble starts and your numerology or Vastu starts acting up.

A lot of people who get numerology done don’t necessarily get it done when they are going through a bad phase. They get numerology done for enhancement of their luck And career growth. A lot of times there is nothing wrong in your life and there is no negative planet bothering you there is no Rahu Ketu shani tearing you down. These people just want to make the best of the high tide in their life.

Be it Feng Shui, vastu or Name numerology, Nowadays people consult divination experts And psychics for enhancement and not solving a problem. A simple example is how people wear make up to accentuate their basic features and enhance their looks And appearance.

Gone are the days when people consulted an astrologer only when they had problems. Nowadays astrology numerology and Tarot are used to find out the jackpot periods in your life so that you can make the best of them. Sometimes people want to know if a certain business deal will work for them. Sometimes they want to know if a person is trustworthy. A lot of time energy and money is saved if one gets a heads up And knows what to expect in a certain situation.