A kickass tarot card reading
A huge thank you to Prartthana. I got tarot card reading from Prartthana. I went to her with a lot of confusions. She could pick up the exact emotions i was going through and it felt she was literally in my head. The reading was so joyful and it stirred up a lot of emotions. She pointed out things i never paid attention to and how that was effecting me from functioning. I probably would have never realised if she didn't tell me.I hadn't felt this connected before. Kudos Prartthana.  This was one memorable reading. Keep rocking. HDIGBTT
Tarot Reading by Varron
The Tarot session with Varron was amazing. I was completely relieved and confident about the decisions I could make without confusion. Varron could clearly see my thoughts and doubts about things even without explaining anything. It was as though he could see through me. Thanks a lot Varron 🙂