One of my best tarot sessions
OMG what an amazzzzing session. I took this session at a very painful time. I was going through something that was breaking my spirits. Then as if a Divine force directed me to take a tarot session with Archhana, whom I had never taken any session before from. The moment the session started and before I could ask my questions, she shared the Divine messages that she was receiving for me. And trust me whatever she shared was exactly the assurance I was seeking. She told me things about my past and present that were just SPOT ON. I was awestruck. Actually I got my answers before even asking my questions. Plus the cherry on the cake is the person that Archhana is, soooo humble, sooo loving, I felt as if I was speaking to my soul sister. She came in my life when I needed someone loving, caring and nurturing and she is exactly that. AND how can I forget her best trait, her humility. She is someone who lives in Gratitude ( the most powerful and high vibration). That is a rarity. At least I have never met someone like her before. I can keep on writing for her...that the impact she has. So please guys if i need Divine guidance in your life. Archhana is the go to person.
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