One session with Jankie 🙂
I am believer of a Spiritual Calling. Somewhere it went missing or hidden maybe. And for me meeting Jankie is that Spiritual calling. It is just one month since I have met her and she has done my reading. It was like she has kept my whole life in front of me. She pinned the exact deep rooted problem and there you have it. Jankie's reading are WOW! It gave me goosebumps. The remedies just by her like BLR, BMR Salt and Soap bath, candle service are the ways to cleanse and rejuvenate. I have seen angry fire in BLR, lemon bursting on my face and all of this believe me it is changing a lot for me. BMR salt bath: you do feel a layer is been removed. Jankie has motivated me to take up Tarrot classes from Sheelaa, she said it will help. And yes it is helping. Sheelaa's podcast have been a savior. The law of attraction is one of favourites. My deep gratitude to Sheelaa for wonderful 5D healing sessions. Sheelaa is a wonderful teacher and everyone should learn from her. The entire SMB team is very helpful and none of your query remain unanswered just a little patience is required. I can go on and on but I think this space is less to express my gratitude towards both Jankie and Sheelaa. Jankie has not only a good reader but also a great motivator. Lots of loves and hugs to Jankie.