Perfect and Accurate
Would like you share my yesterday reading exp with @prartthana After listening to voice mail of Sheela Ma'am in 5D healing group . Instant thought for getting reading for myself. Booked by session with Prarttana.Somehow got attached by her name booked my session with her Yesterday at 9..45 pm. Felt she was more eager to help me and do my reading. Such postive attitude she had.. I am so greatful and happy that i choose her. Everything is said about me was so correct and perfect. it in depth season were she coverd all the query and curiosity I had in 15 mins . She was very clam during the session. Rather just speaking she had willgness to listen to me and slove my issue. Guidelines she gave me were so meaningful and realtable with the stituation I'm go through. Also she made me understand and realised certain things which I never focus or work on. Felt like as if she was reading my life book. It was so accurate and perfect to T. Would suggest everyone should get reading from her once. Thank you SMB and team Gratitude ❣️