Psychic healing and chakra activation
Psychic healing and chakra activation by Angel Prartthana last week.... I am speechless , shocked , how can she tell certain things exactly the way they are... She doesn't know me, knows nothing about me how did she ?? She pointed out things which only I knew n I'm like how is this possible. And after the healing few people who weren't talking to me are trying to talk to me, I can find changes in their behaviour as well. Thank u so much Prartthana and I also recommend everyone to take the healing atleast once n I'm sure u too wil be amazed. I almost threw my phone in shock when she named the person and pointed out a nasty incident , argument which only I knew about. Thank u Prartthana gratitude ,I will always remember ur soothing n calm words and ur guidance during the healing. N I must say u had a lot of patience and answered my questions so well. Sheelaambajaj ma'am thank U