Review for Jankie
Testimonial for Jankie I got a vision decoding done from Jankie. This was in regards to the answers obtained by Papa elegua in the ritual and a Karma release session. Both, channelled by Sheelaa M bajaj. The cards that Jankie pulled out for me and my brother were so direct. Like i was sooo awe struck.. I remember her expression when the card she pulled had the EXACT same image of what was seen in the karma release session of my brother. We were both so so shocked. And to my surprise..The same thing happened when she decoded Papa’s answer for me. The card that very directly matched what Papa said. So sweetly she first giggled at the swag with which Papa gave me an answer. It was an awesome experience. Her decoding was so so on point. She also reminded me of one promise i made at a temple and was left . I myself didn’t remember it. I was awe struck. She said a lot of things and the reasons why i am the way i am because of my past as well as my past life. And it made so much sense. She could catch hold of such much in such little time.
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