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February 20, 2021
Tarot Reading

I was never aware of Tarot reading until I met Nadhini,I used to follow up on her posts and then came to know about the tarot reading. When I had a conversation with Nandhini she clearly explained me what was a Tarot Reading and how it is done. The way she presents about the subject is flawless♥️ It was my first experience with her and I’m truly amazed by the way she was handling about the situation and patiently listening to all the queries which I was referring to. After taking a reading from Nandini it really boosted up my confidence and the way she was interacting with me I feel like she already knows about my complete life. Her voice is so soothing and consoling🤩 I feel it was the greatest ever experience in tarot reading because of Nandhinii😊Thanks for your time and patience Nandhini, I wish you heal many people the same way who are looking forward for you ♥️ Cheers🤩

Pranjall Sharma
July 28, 2020
Excellent Reading

Nandini was very accurate and she picked up the right points. She guided me very well. She is an awesome reader. Must to have a reading with

Samiirr Ali
July 28, 2020
The Cat was out of the bag

Nandiini was correctly able to identify the problem which I was facing in the work environment and how better that can be. I was very surprised the way she putted this across to me as I had not told about the problem to anyone! Super-amazing!

Aruna Dev Rroy
August 8, 2020
Meeting by Chance

I happen to meet Ms. Nandiini by chance. It so happened that I got my husband's name correction by Sheela Maam and got a free Tarot Session with the same. So I was asked from office to contact Ms. Nandiini for the same. I was skeptical about contacting her as I had always contacted Riyah Maam, but nobody can defy destiny. So I took my session with Nandiini Madam and trust me it was a real eye opener. When we open a cold drink bottle the pressure with which the cap falls, the same happened to me. She could easily read the situation I am in and it blew me off. I could get a clear picture of how the future proceedings of my life events would be, what is best for me to proceed with and so on. Din't know tarot by Nandiini Madam would be such an amazing experience! She is awesome always ready to help and respond to query.
Thank You Madam..

Riya Sanjesh
August 8, 2020
Magical experience!!!

A month back , got a reading from Nandini.. To be honest , that was like an angel guidance for me. She picked up the exact points which I was going through, also what all are there awaiting for me. But i didnt listen to much about my future, now when things happened, was just going through her readings... Amazing Nandini, you are shining like a diamond from begining itself... May Papa & Priestess give yu all the divine guidance . The journey is just started , i am sure you are going to give guidance to people who are in pain as well as in cross road!!! As you said,i am a person who forgot to live for the moment, and now i realised there were many precious moments i missed in my life which there is no way of get back.... Thankyou so much dear for the awareness & guidance... You deserve a 100 star rating for the reading. Good luckkkkk!!!!

Piyush Gupta
August 15, 2020
First ever Tarrot card reading

This was my first Tarrot card reading and it went on really well and smooth.
Nandini did a fine job in making me feel comfortable enough to ask the questions.
Everything was dealt professionally creating the right mood and environment for the clients.
All the predictions etc where mostly on point and we're a reflection of my life. The session will surely help people who are trying to find a perspective in life or maybe are confused about a decision to make.
Nandini was calm and composed throughout and answered most of my stupid questions with complete honesty.
I would recommend you to get one reading at the least as this can surely bring some perspective to your lives.

Suchilagna sabata
August 16, 2020
Testimonial for NANDIINI
Anastisia Royal
August 19, 2020
Tarot reading

I took a tarot sessions from NANDINI She so confident ,
Convincing and were accurate about the problems I was facing in the past and present.

Accurate about :
My health
My career
Black magic
And have provided me apt solutions
With remedies.

Sriharsha Nadigerr
August 21, 2020

I took extraction done from nandiini .on 19th of August. Until then I use to feel something is blocking my mind and by the end of noon I use to get exhausted and more negative emotions and energies were also impacted on me . But the day I took extraction I didn't feel much difference on the same day but from next day I was like WOW !!!! I couldn't even believe myself that is that me who is being so active whole day and concentrating on my work. I had the best experience even while the process is on . And I'm feeling very much better than before.

August 25, 2020
Extraction specialist

My testimony for Nandini for the extraction today.

As she started the extraction I could feel a buzz on my third eye chakra. The uneasiness in my stomach vanished and was feeling heavy on my back. At the end of the session I felt so light and good as a lot of psychic attacks, chords, nazar, stress she removed.

The most strange part was how she picked up issues that were troubling me and removed the negatives around the issues. Mind you that I never told any issues and she didn't anything about me.

Kudos to you Nandini you are doing a phenomenal job on the extraction front. continue the good work.

Shivani R Abbu
August 25, 2020
Amazing Experience

I must say this, Nandiini your doing an excellent job!!
She have analysed my emotion perfectly and not only provided me with remedies but also filled me up with positivity.
Thank you Nandiini.

Priya Maheshwari
August 27, 2020
Bang On prediction

She pointed some events in my life so accurately- was shocked. She gave me a way and guidance to achieve clarity in my life ..She allowed me to pour my thoughts and answered everything so calmly. It was suppose to be a 10 mins session, but she patiently answered all my queries without the time limit.Thank you

Sheelaa M Bajaj
September 2, 2020
Testimonial for EXTRACTION For Nandiini

I have got extraction done a few times from Nandiini and each time she leaves me in an awe for her ability in extraction and papas choice because papa chose her to do this.

She does the extraction with so much detail and precision.
She gives the best feedback any extraction practitioner has ever given.

If the energy is extracted YOU WILL KNOW ITS THERE.

You can use names of people and she will tell u if they are jealous or cursing you or doing psychic attack on you.


Sheelaa M Bajaj
September 2, 2020
Exctraction Testimonial

The other day i had a extraction before the karma release session. After karma release i absorbed some insane crazy energy and its happened a few times and then i realized when i do the release and see the visions im absorbing lot of the clients energy.

Nandiini did an extraction again and it was Woah.
She removed each and every prickly feeling from my body and feet.

She was brilliant.

Yesterday again i woke up with a migraine and got healing and took meds but it didn't go.

Then Nandini does an extraction and it just VANISHED.

It was unbelievable to see and experience the magic of extraction and nandiinis dedication and precision is phenomenal

September 2, 2020
Extraction !!

Nandiini is truly blessed with her extraction skills and like Papa has chosen her.

I had bad middle ear infection and due to which I was feeling very weak as well.
She happened to do an extraction for me near my ears and I am so surprised that I actually felt something moving in my ears and
she could feel some heat

In two days time,I was completely, completely fine!!

I was soooo soo soo surprised the way she not only REMOVED the psychic garbage and all the kachara toxic chords...

I feel today if I have bounced back at work is only because of her ability , skills and Papas power of extraction.

I’m so grateful to you Nandini ❤️ I hope you are blessed with such power and phenomenal work always ...

September 2, 2020
Testimonial for Nandiini

Wanted to give a testimony for Nandiini. She had done an extraction for me. Before
I used to feel as if I was carrying an iron bag on my shoulders. Very heavy feeling. Nandiini had so much patience and brought out all the old worries which I had for more than a decade. I feel as light as a feather and happy now.

September 2, 2020
Testimony for Extraction

My gratitude to Nandini for extraction you performed last week...

After your extraction... can feel the stuck energies that had been weighing me down... for a while.

You were able to pick some new areas to extract which were not thought off earlier... kudos to your awareness...

May you help many who require to get rid of these BM, negative or dark energies ..

An WA Dsouza
September 2, 2020
Tarot with Nandini

Beautiful soul Nandiini her voice itself has the magic and she is so calm and peaceful.It was a small session of only 10 min but without even knowing anything about me and my life she told me a few things which were so accurate and I had tears that day. Hugs to u.
She told me exactly what I was going through that day and she was bang on.She literally picked points about my career and personal life and she was right. Thank you so much dear wish you good luck.

September 2, 2020
Extraction Feedback

Nandiini : Dear Nandini , Thankuu for doing my extraction too . As Anna Rising Phoenix Co-ordinator Mam confirmed Tht time I felt someone was pulling chewing gum like stuff out of my head , it was the same when you were doing my extraction .

I strted feeling its effect 2 days after and felt the sense of confidence and calmness in me .

You were Bang on write with your feedbck Tht who did what on me . Tht coincidentally coincided with my gutt too

Thank you for answering each question in feedbck with grace .

Thank you Anna Rising Phoenix Co-ordinator Mam, for making it sure Tht I am well and making the whole process cordinated with ease .

Love and light

September 2, 2020
Tarot reading

Recently had a tarot session with Nandiini for general guidance.She had such a calming persona and sounded sure of whatever the cards read.
She hears you out patiently which really helps
Hope her predictions do come true!
Heartfelt Thanks to Nandiini and Team Sheela

Paromita Meegoda Widanage
September 2, 2020
Tarot card reading

Hi Nandini,

I believe we meet people in life for a reason. I was reluctant at first how my reading would be, but as the reading was going on I felt so confident and positive. You are truly a gem, your guidance is a treasure for me. Thankyou!!

September 4, 2020
Great Extraction Experience

I have recently got an extraction done with Nandini and I was like Woahhh. She picks up things of what you intend to release like magic. I remember I was thinking of something and she said you are thinking of this. And I was like shock. She even told me the level to BM I have. During the extraction I actually cried like some nails have just been taken out from on Chakras. After the extraction I was like everything is new. It was actually my energy body has been healed. Thank you so much Nandini and more power to you
She is just phenomenal

September 7, 2020
Finally a breakthrough

Hi Nandhini,
At the outset I express my gratitude to you and the talent you have in this field.
I had been hit by tragic circumstances back to back for 4 decades.
You could immediately point out this when you saw my cards, the diagnosis for my son was also bang on target.
Nandhini you lit a candle Of HOPE for me and guided me patiently.

I feel you are going to reach amazing heights in this path Of healing and I wish you well.
Thank you

September 8, 2020
Amazing reading by Nandiini

Totally impressed by Nandiini.... she's a gifted angel who threw light on important issues in my life. She touched upon an aspect that shocked me as she spoke as if she was a part of my life. Besides the accuracy, I just love the way she communicates in a warm and personal manner like a good friend. A very positive person with great vibes. Left me with renewed hope, confidence and faith.
A big thank you Nandini. May you be able to touch more lives. Highly recommend her.

September 11, 2020
Tarot Card Reading
September 15, 2020
So accurate and amazing

No words to explain just amazing and so accurate very calmly and passionly she listens to me after long Time I feel a big relief. On first word only she tell me something that’s happened in my life and I m going through and I shocked how she knows just not spoke a single word , and then the journey began one by one she telling everything so much accurate and same time a big relief when she is giving solutions as well and her kind and re assuring words that everything will be ok and u will come out from all this that’s gave me different level of power or positiveness ,like she knows everything about me. And I m on right place with right people. Thank you so much Nanadini and Sheela maam
I have seen some videos of sheela ma’am on Facebook she always attract me to listen what she is sharing I love the way she explain and talk about different topics and products and sessions even though I don’t know anything about I get connected somewhere want to try your services , products and see the difference in my life thank you Nandiini and sheela mam and team .

Narasimha D Murthay
September 15, 2020
Take A BOW, Nandiini

I am penning this testimonial to express my deep sense of gratitude to Nandiini for an extraction she handled for me on 5th of September.

It was on 4th of September when I was in the temple waiting for my BARS session with ARAR. I just enquired ANNA in the temple for a slot for EXTRACTION as it was recommended to me from Sheelaa Ma’am and Jankie. Anna did some checks and came back to me confirming for a slot for the next day, Saturday - 5th of September.

On Saturday, 5th September, at exactly about 1:15pm, Nandiini arrived and did her usual prayers to PAPA in the temple and then gave me a note pad to answer few questions. I answered all the questions and handed over the notepad back to her. Nandiini with her calm and composed demeanor started my extraction and.......BOY, she was asking me lot of pertinent questions and guess what, my answers were always an YES and that in itself gives you an impression as to how spot on, Nandiini was in her assessment of what’s going on with me.

After about 10-12 minutes into the extraction, I was continuously yawning and tears were rolling down continuously. I was kinda surprised as to what was going on and Nandiini mentioned that I am releasing a lot of “kachra” and she asked me if I was feeling light........what do I tell? I was feeling super light and trust me, you got to get an extraction done from Nandiini to experience what I am telling here!!

Nandiini then moved towards my back and within 2 minutes told me that there’s a lot of blockage and I could clearly sense something was getting off my back. The experience that I was going through while the extraction was going on was second to none. I had severe pain in my lower back and neck and all of that was completely gone and man, I must have at least yawned more than 50 times (YES 50 times and I am not exaggerating here!) right through the process.

Nandiini asked me if I wanted to release anything else and when I gave certain names of people, OH MY WORD! She was so bang on in her assessments of these people and she helped me get liberated with illogical thoughts and connects I had with those folks. Finally, she mentioned a sentence which caught my attention....”Don’t be hard on yourself so much. Let go!”...........and I truly let it go for sure based on the experience I had.

Last but by no means the least, I want to thank Nandiini from the bottom of my heart to enable this kind of experience for us. While I also understand the amount of energy drain that she personally has to undergo to extract so much of negativity from all of us but these wishes and gratitude from each one of us come deep down from our hearts and here’s wishing you more power, love and light to you Nandiini. Rock on Nandiini!!

Let me end with this saying..............John Burrough once quoted “I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put in order”

and in my case..........

“I go to this family called Rising Phoenix or Team SMB to be soothed, healed and have my senses put in order”

September 17, 2020
Awesome extraction!

This testimonial is for Nandini and her phenomenal expertise in extraction. I have got extraction for myself and my parents from her. Her process of going about extraction starts by understanding the issues. She is patient, sweet and extremely understanding. In particular, I mentioned about some pain that my father used to feel in his hands and post his extraction, it has miraculously become nearly nil. Thanks to Nandini for her efforts and amazing skills that she is blessed with. She also provides detailed feedback post her session which is assuring. I would really recommend someone who is dealing with negative energy in their life to experience her session to change it for better 🙂

Priya Maheshwari
October 5, 2020
Spot on As Always

This was my 2nd reading with Nandiini!
She was so clear and guided me very well- what was the problem. One thing i really admire about her- she is very calm and patient and time frame doesn’t matter for her. She clarifies each and everything.
And she also can sense few things which you won’t even know.
Thank you Nandiini.

October 7, 2020
Radhika Patel
October 7, 2020
Testimonial for Nandiini

It was a great pleasure in getting done my tarot reading with Nandiini.She is just amazing and after talking with her got a lot of positivity in myself. Apart being awesome with her reading she has a good quality of patiently listening to our doubts and questions.Thanku soo much for the reading Nadiini and sheela man fir giving us such readers.

October 7, 2020

It was my first tarot reading, Nandini was really good at it, she told exactly what’s blocking me from doing things in life.
She was very professional and on point. It was totally worth it.
Thank youu Nandini.

Mahendra Sundaram
October 10, 2020
Tarot reading

Nandiini answered all my questions patiently and she even took care n efforts to follow up on the remedies n keeps a check on how we are progressing and guides us accordingly.
Her tarot readings were accurate and she made me feel calm n relaxed throughout the whole process. It was such a wonderful experience.
I followed her remedies and I cud see drastic changes in my life within few weeks. She has so effortlessly removed my mental stress/trauma. Words wud fall short if I had to describe the positive changes she brought into my life.
Nandiini has been really compassionate and I thank her from the bottom of my heart :). Wishing Nandiini all success n m sure others too can experience magnificent changes in their life post a consultation with Nandiini.

October 26, 2020
Amazing Nandiini

I wish to thank Nandiini for her extreme patience and care with which she did my extraction on 5th September '20.This was my first experience at extraction and Nandiini with her patience was able to extract all the negative energies that I had accumulated over the years, no doubt it was very tiring for her but with her calm composure calmed my nerves and at the end of the session i felt like a big load had been lifted off my head.Without doubt she has Papa's blessings.Thank you Nandiini more power to you.

Sandeep Chatterjee
December 2, 2020
Tarot Reading

Nandiini provided all the information in a very professional manner and suggested remedies for every issue. I had a great connect and got all relevant details about present and future.

Thank you!

Rashmi GR
January 23, 2021

Firstly many thanks to Nandiini..She is such an accurate tarot reader. The way she communicate what is going in ur life is absolutely correct.. Through her remedies I got some resolutions to imp issues in my life.. I highly recommend Nandiini to get tarot reading done to solve all ur issues in ur life to start a new positive life..

Susheela S
January 23, 2021

Nandiini gave excellent Tarot reading. She has in depth knowledge of the same and she is very helpful as well as patiently guiding us. Thank you ma’am for your help and advice.

January 23, 2021

First of all, I would like to thank Nandini for patiently listening to what I am going through and then she gave accurate tarot reading which shows her in-depth knowledge and passion towards it. I like the way she probed the answers before giving the remedy. I would like to thank her again for her help and advice.

February 20, 2021
Tarot Reading

I was never aware of Tarot reading until I met Nadhini,I used to follow up on her posts and then came to know about the tarot reading. When I had a conversation with Nandhini she clearly explained me what was a Tarot Reading and how it is done. The way she presents about the subject is flawless♥️ It was my first experience with her and I’m truly amazed by the way she was handling about the situation and patiently listening to all the queries which I was referring to. After taking a reading from Nandini it really boosted up my confidence and the way she was interacting with me I feel like she already knows about my complete life. Her voice is so soothing and consoling🤩 I feel it was the greatest ever experience in tarot reading because of Nandhinii😊Thanks for your time and patience Nandhini, I wish you heal many people the same way who are looking forward for you ♥️ Cheers🤩

Shwetha Shivaram
February 21, 2021
Excellent session

Nandini made me feel better about my current situation and gave me such an accurate reading. Everything she said was 100% relatable, which gave me immense trust on the whole reading. Thanks for the time and suggestions you offered.

Looking forward to more sessions with you for when I’m stuck with a thing. 🙂

All the best!

Shwetha Shivaram
February 22, 2021
Excellent session

Nandini made me feel better about my current situation and gave me such an accurate reading. Everything she said was 100% relatable, which gave me immense trust on the whole reading. Thanks for the time and suggestions you offered.

Looking forward to more sessions with you for when I’m stuck with a thing. 🙂

All the best!

February 22, 2021
One good session..

I got a tarot reading session from Nandiini and She was just amazing, she cleared lot of my doubts, gave me remedies for improvement, which are really working out well. I really loved the reading... it was mind blowing. She could actually read my Past analize my present and predict the Future. She is truly blessed and gifted... YOU ARE AMAZING..Wish you the best, and looking forward for many more sittings with you. Cheers👍🏼😊.

March 24, 2021
Amazing reading

She is beyond amazing! So caring and so calm. She keeps reassuring you that things will be okay. She does not avoid telling you some hard times that are coming to you and is very honest. Lots of love Nandiini!

Srinivas Kuppa
March 25, 2021

It was a small session for about 15 mins, without knowing about me anything Nandini was able to tell everything abt me about my past experiences & how I was feeling exactly how I was going through in my past & daily life. She picked the point abt my career & personal life correctly & hat predictions have been bang on target. All through she handled the session very smoothly & had the patience to answer all the questions.
Thank you Nandini, pls continue the good work with your clients & be the shining star, wish you all the very best in your endeavours.

March 28, 2021
Tarot readings

I took a complimentary tarot session with Nandini last year in December. I had a major amount of money stuck for years and was not sure if I’ll get that back. When I asked her if I would get that money back, she told me I’ll get it somewhere around March 2021. And yesss I got that amount back in February 2021. She us amazing at her reading. She told me things that were spot on plus shes very very humble and caring. More power to you dear. You r meant to shine.

An W A Dsouza
April 17, 2021
Tarot with Nandini

I had a tarot reading with Nandiini and I must say she never ceases to amaze me. She answered my question regarding something important and she gave a very positive answer and also said that she saw Papa's blessings and to my surprise it was one of the thing that I have been manifesting ,I literally had goose bumps when she said that. meanwhile during the reading I also received a small sign reg something which I have been waiting for I'm not sure what it will turn out to be but I was happy. She is truly blessed by Papa. A Tarot session is kind of a healing I must say u turn out to be so positive with a lot of positive energies. Thank u Nandiini hugs thank u Sheelaambajaj ma'am for always being there for all of us u have a super awesome team I'm blessed to be a part of SMB family.

Sowmya Ravibabu
June 10, 2021
Crisp - Clarity - Remedy Provider

Nandiini is surely a very patient and talented Tarot Reader. She was on point and not fishing for information. She had a lot of clarity in her reading and helped with remedies as well which was the best part. Thanks Nandiini for making my first Tarot Reading Session a great experience. I am surely looking forward in getting read soon again by you 🙂

Shivani Abbu
June 10, 2021
Amazing experience

Thanks alot're always there in helping me out.
Very much grateful to you.
Stay blessed 🙂

Suhas G
June 10, 2021
Tarot Read

Hey Team,

I’d like you guys to convey my regards and feedback to Nandiini. In the month of May I had a read with her and i must say it was a terrific experience I had. She said things what I’m actually feeling and what I dealt him the past and she has suggested some remedies would be pursuing it shortly. Big kudos to Nandiini & the team who effortlessly help and guide people who are in need appreciate it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

June 13, 2021
Wave of positivity

She is the best tarot card reader one can hope to meet. Thanks Nandini for bringing more clarity of my past and present life. I found the session with you was very useful with positive vibrations. By following your suggestions I'm finding more peace and crossing the hurdles step by step very easily. Thank you once again.

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