Samiirr has pursued his Post-Graduation in Marketing Management. He has a flair for communicating with people and has conducted awareness camps at community level and anchored official and non-official events. From his childhood, he has been curious and drawn to Numerology and Tarot TV shows. He lives to help, guide and empower people and believes that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

His magical journey began at a time when he was unemployed and searching for Bangalore-based numerology videos to seek guidance. He was immediately drawn to Sheelaa M Bajaj’s videos based on remedies, meditation and numerology. He followed them with complete faith and there’s been no turning back ever since. He has been a strong pillar of support in the Study Group ever since. He actively participates, guides, empowers people and also helps with the marketing portfolio of his mentor. He believes that the job he is currently working in, is a blessing from his mentor and good deeds.

Samiirr believes that Tarot is a source of divination that helps ignite a spark of enlightenment and empowerment within a person. He strongly believes that nothing is impossible and one should be ready to face the world with courage, determination and self-belief.

During his spare time, he likes to travel to unexplored places, read and work on being a better version of himself. With this divine tool and his mentors blessings, he hopes to spread divine knowledge, wisdom, joy and solution to people’s problems.


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” Tarot is the synergy of energy and receptivity to ignite a spark of consciousness. “

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