As a child, I was intrigued by Science as a subject and was amused by how it instilled meaning in life and the world around me. Continuing my faith and love for science, I took up Biotechnology and further pursued my Management degree in Pharmaceutical. My corporate job in the same domain felt like a logical consequence of my education. Thus, my life seemed normal from the outside but my soul kept craving for more. I felt something was amiss and started exploring different modalities. Tarot helped me recognize my true potential and my spiritual calling. With one reading my life changed for the better.

My search came to an end when I met her mentor, Sheelaa M Bajaj, and got connected with Papa Elegua. With this new exciting opportunity, I deep-dived into learning various practices such as Tarot, Healing, FengShui, and Vaastu. I do a combination of Feng Shui and smart Vaastu. It is a unique system that combines both in which breaking or reconstruction of properties is never advised. my healing sessions are most recommended so far. I believe that with continuous support, learning, and guidance from Sheelaa M Bajaj and Papa Elegua, my journey will be magical, exciting, and spiritually profound.


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“Tarot is a divine way to understand source of our conflicts and heal for a better Tomorrow.”

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