Pallavi is a Fashion Tech Graduate from NIFT and has always been inclined towards the creative aspects in her life. She was always able to look at things from a third person’s perspective and functions from a high emotional quotient. She has had a successful corporate career with 10 years in Retail Domain, however her soul was always searching for something more.

She likes helping and lending a ear to people’s problems. Her turning point in life came when she watched one of Sheelaa M Bajaj’s live videos. She decided to step up and honor herself and registered for the Access Class. Access class is a 2 day course that helps in rewiring your brain. As a result of this class, her daily mantra has been asking herself, “What can i create for myself and people around me today?”

Very soon, she became an active volunteer in the study group and worked on various services offered by Temple of Miracles and Rising Phoenix. Choosing to wear multiple hats like her mentor, she chose to learn tarot. She was amazed and excited about the process and connecting to a divine source (Papa Elegua) for guidance and wisdom. With Tarot, she hopes to discover answers to burning questions that people face in their daily lives. She wants to be able to decode their journey and simplify it. Her goal is to find a path where she can create beyond for herself and everyone around.


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” Tarot is a divine tool, which enables us to open, those doors in our Lives which we never even knew existed. “

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