“Faith and prayers both are invisible but they make impossible things possible” said Buddha and Nandini has been on an invisible spiritual journey since many years.

Nandini has certain qualities like avid reader and helping people right from the beginning.

She has started her tarot journey after knowing and being a devotee of Temple of miracles. She reached out to Tarot for guidance at a point when she had hit rock bottom. That one tarot session gave her perspective and showed her the path to rise and come out of it. She then decided to help people who are at crossroads or have hit rockbottom by being a beacon of light, empowering and motivating them. She also believes that if you allow yourself to expect guidance, guidance will show up.

Sheelaa M Bajaj, her mentor, is her biggest inspiration in life. She feels that she resonates with most of her life story. She looks up to her because of knowledge, wisdom, practices, morals and ethics. She considers herself to be blessed to have met Sheelaa M Bajaj and Papa Elegua. She enjoys and looks forward to volunteering at the Temple of Miracles. Having learned Tarot from the best, she would like to use this tool of divination to help, guide, motivate, empower and solve people’s problems.

Nandiini additionally handles Extraction sessions at the Rising Phoenix which is an intense Psychic surgery for removal of Black Magic and other intense negative energies. She is extremely perceptive of the energies during an extraction and can give accurate readings of who has put those energies into a persons energy body.


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” Tarot Reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation and perception. “

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