Name Analysis by Sheelaa M Bajaj




Numerology is associated with the science of numbers. All numbers have a unique vibration that attracts planetary energies, some good and some bad.
For instance, your date of birth (DOB) adds up to a specific number and your name adds up to a number as well. The relationship between your DOB and Name number determines the kind of experience you attract in life.

How does Numerology work?
Three aspects are looked at to make sure that you attract the planetary energies that work for you best.
1. Date of Birth. This helps us identify your birth number and life path number. It gives a general overview of your sense of direction and purpose.
2. First Name: This Name is what is used the most and helps in understanding your personal life. If it adds up to a bad number, then you intend to go through repeated patterns and karmic cycles.
3. Full name: This helps in identifying what you are attracting in your professional life. For instance, bad planet energy will bring in minimum reward, recognition and growth despite putting in a lot of effort.


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