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Jankie has dived deep into pharmaceutical studies and to top it up with a masters in management from Mumbai. As a child, she was always curious about the work that her grandfathers did, and her inclination towards the esoteric science started while she was 16 years old. She learnt palmistry form her grandpa and started reading books on the advanced palmistry during the break-in 10th grade.

She practised palmistry in few of her close relatives and friends wedding ceremony where she could amaze people by her knowledge.

Jankie’s journey in the field Tarot was one of the turning points in her life where she realised yet again at the age of 29 that this is what she is drawn to naturally with love and passion. When you find the right friend yet a mentor in life, you truly believe in miracles and crossing the path with Sheelaa M Bajaj is always going to be amongst the top in her life.

She has learnt Tarot from the most recognised and powerful person, Sheelaa M Bajaj who has not only initiated her in this field with love and compassion but also ensured that she learns the powerful remedies to offer clients after a reading.

Jankie is also a chakra healer and with the grace and love of Papa Elegua has also learnt ‘Extraction’, one of the powerful remedies to remove psychic attacks, Nazar and psychic garbage from one’s life.

The journey of the esoteric world is infinite and Jankie has always believed that there is more to learn and millions of lives to touch for making their life better and happier.


As a child, I was intrigued by Science as a subject and was amused by how it instilled meaning in life and the world around me. Continuing my faith and love for science, I took up Biotechnology and further pursued my Management degree in Pharmaceutical. My corporate job in the same domain felt like a logical consequence of my education. Thus, my life seemed normal from the outside but my soul kept craving for more. I felt something was amiss and started exploring different modalities. Tarot helped me recognize my true potential and my spiritual calling. With one reading my life changed for the better.

My search came to an end when I met her mentor, Sheelaa M Bajaj, and got connected with Papa Elegua. With this new exciting opportunity, I deep-dived into learning various practices such as Tarot, Healing, FengShui, and Vaastu. I do a combination of Feng Shui and smart Vaastu. It is a unique system that combines both in which breaking or reconstruction of properties is never advised. my healing sessions are most recommended so far. I believe that with continuous support, learning, and guidance from Sheelaa M Bajaj and Papa Elegua, my journey will be magical, exciting, and spiritually profound.


Archhana, is a gifted healer, intuitive, psychic, and a tarot card reader trained and mentored by Sheelaa M Bajaj. In a very short span of time have leapfrogged into Rising Phoenix’s core team because of her extraordinary psychic abilities matched with a deep understanding of tarot reading. She is dedicated, compassionate, and can dive deep into your soul’s hidden information.


Prartthana has pursued her MBA in Marketing and Finance and is currently residing in Belgium. Ever since her childhood, she has been curious to learn more and be more. She met Sheelaa in January 2018 and has been in awe of her knowledge, teaching, wisdom, and practices. Her foray into Tarot came as a blessing from both Sheelaa and Papa. She is intuitive and enjoys solving problems and helping people be a better version of themselves. She takes inspiration from her mentor and enjoys wearing many hats. During her “me” time, she enjoys reading novels, cooking, traveling, hiking, and expanding her skill set.


Varron is a BARS practitioner since a year, and has helped many people open up to receive more. He’s transformed lives of people and with an urge to do more, with the guidance of Papa Elegua, he chose to pursue Tarot reading. As a community specialist and a transport service provider, he’s interacted with people across different walks of life, and is very approachable as well as a good listener. He has been mentored by Sheelaa M Bajaj for 5 years now, and has learnt the basics of healing and tarot from her.
It makes him happy to see people create more and be more, just as Sheelaa M Bajaj wants people to be. With the blessings of Papa Elegua and guidance from Sheelaa M Bajaj, he is composed and confident that he can bring the best in people through tarot readings.


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Based on the wisdom of the Zen Tarot the art of Tarot reading answers your queries because it helps you better understand your problems and find a viable solution. The root cause of a problem is evaluated and a remedy is then prescribed to the seeker. 

Sheelaa M Bajaj


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