Jupiter is one of the most important planets in our Birth Chart. It is also known as Guru being the planet for knowledge, wisdom, expansion, creativity and a lot more. A strong Jupiter in one’s birth chart saves a person from all kinds of troubles. On the other hand, if Jupiter is weak, it creates instability, and one struggles to make ends meet.

Today, 15th Sept 2021, Jupiter’s retrograde is transiting in Capricorn. It will be in conjunction with Saturn Retrograde which will occur till 18th Oct 2021.

What does this mean?
Everyone needs to be disciplined and ethical especially in business. One can expect a possibility of something major. A shift in economic or social change will happen on a global scale. This transit is favorable for most of the moon signs except Cancer, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces.
Salaried personnel could see a transfer or a pay hike in this period. Students may perform extremely well. Unmarried people may get into a relationship. However, it is not a great time to invest a big chunk of money in one investment, spread it out.
Few remedies that one can follow during this type are:
1) Apply saffron Tilak on your forehead
2) Wear yellow-colored clothes
3) Keep a yellow cloth under your pillow
4) Participate in Jupiter Planetary Rituals
5) Honour your Gurus
6) Take a bath with a pinch of turmeric in water as well

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