Aries like to take charge and are extremely competitive. Planet Mars rules over Aries Sign. They know how to get things done by other people. They are stubborn and like to have the last word in the matter. They are very upfront. Aries is one of the strongest and head of the zodiac signs. The fiery energy of this sign is very high. Thus, Aries people like to be with someone who is as strong as they are.

Aries are very passionate about love; they expect the same from their partners as well. They are free birds and hate suffocation. The Aries-Aries love match is a very well-balanced match of passion and privacy.

Personality Traits:

Aries is one of the fire signs. It is considered to be a masculine sign. It is ruled by Mars. Aries is active, energetic, impulsive, and optimistic.  Aries are very spontaneous in nature. They are strong-headed and like to be leaders. They want the thing in their way only. They like to have the last word on the table. They are self-aware ad highly opinionated. Aries like excitement in life thus they are open to change which gives them a new experience. Aries are honest and assertive. They have good organization skills. Aries are short-tempered and intolerant. They are perceived as less subtle and more hostile.

The lucky colors for Aries are Red or Vermilion.

The best gift options for Aries on their birthday are selenite crystal, moonstone, or a pearl. You can also give them De-stress soap and bath salts.

Aries-Aries Sexual Compatibility:

Aries-Aries’ sexual compatibility is next-level amazing. Both are passionate lovers. The only challenge is that they might end up getting selfish and not think about satisfying the other partner’s emotional needs. Mars will give physical satisfaction but there is No Venus in the equations hence no emotional attachments. They won’t express themselves well with each other. Communication is key to having great sexual chemistry between two Aries.

Aries-Aries Friendship Compatibility:

The overall friendship between the two Aries is great. Both are optimistic and excited people. They may not talk about their feelings but they may play sports together or work together. They will have a competitive yet very dynamic friendship. They just have to learn how to control and simmer their anger.

Aries-Aries Dating Compatibility:

Aries is a highly independent sign. They like free birds, create their own agendas, and live by their own principles. It is not necessarily a bad thing for a relationship, it could require some adjustment for both partners.

Aries-Aries Communication

Since the Mars energy is too high, two Aries can’t express their emotions well with each other. However, when it comes to expressing ideas or having an intellectual discussion both of them are excellent at communication. They need to prove their point and want to be correct.